Hi, friends. Welcome to my space!
This is a secret planet of a coder and designer.

I am a graduating student in University of Waterloo, pursuing a major in Computer Science with Software Engineering opition and minor in Fine Arts Studio degree.

I've started coding and painting since high school. When I first coded for my homework, I was attracted by this kind of feeling that you only need to know a little, but you can do a lot of incredible works. I was just introduced some simple concept of coding like Variables, Array, While and For loops, but I could create some things big like a simple Calendar that given a starting day of a month, it would print out the rest days for the rest months; And Texas Hold 'Em game: setting up the number of players and balance, then you can start the game. At the end, it will tell you which player win and give you a list of poker rankings for each player. Those was one of proud things in my high shool life (There was something else that I was once a short movie director for an English class project and our group got 120% which is the highest on the class). But look at them from now, they were so ugly. It just printed out everything in a text form. Especially, the Hold'Em game, the game logic was written in a HUGE while loop for the purpose of continueing play.

In my University, I definitely studied much more on algorithm and design patterns as well as other computer science related topics like Database Management, Operating System, Computer Security, AI, Computer Graphics etc. And I also realized that, the truth of Computer Science is not that "a little things" anymore, CS is a huge area. Only knows a little is not enough in this industry. Even though I eventually graduated in this year, but my journey of being a student didn't end.

Finally, I am glad to say that I honorably enrolled into a great family, being one of software developers at ZeMind Game Studio :)

Recent Work

A Small Town

This is an OpenGL final project for the course CS488 in U of Waterloo. Player should collect enough eggs to pass the game, otherwise it would be ended by touching the turtles.
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I am so happy that I got Honorable Mention on this project, and the Prof put my work screenshot on the cover. It's the first time and could be the only one.

Moments Stories

Moments is an IOS mobile application that enables us to easily record and organize the many precious moments in our daily lives. It is designed to improve the process of diary writing where long paragraphs are replaced with images and audios.

I was working with a group of 4 and I was mainly for the user setting page and UI design. But I also did some other features, such as searching functionality, sticker view etc. I finalize the UI implementation and launched this to the App Store.
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TaxPro is a mobile app that help calculating personal or company tax. But it is still under construction. This time I am responsible for both modules and features design, code implementation and UI/UX design :)

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